Knife N Spoon To Launch A New Vegan Pancake Mix – Brunch Mix

November 17 04:04 2020
Leading providers of innovative culinary solutions, Knife N Spoon, announces the launch of Brunch Mix, a new tasty pancake mix to meet the needs of vegans

Knife N Spoon was founded by Chopped winner, vegan recipe maker, and vegan product developer, Ed Harris and his son, Edward Harris to provide a wide range of solutions to help people enjoy every second spent in the kitchen. The company recently substantiated this claim with the release of Brunch Mix, a new yummy mix for vegans who love pancakes.

After observing the vegan options of pancake mixes available, we decided that now was the right time to develop a new kind of vegan mix in order to respond better to the needs of vegans,” said Chef Ed Harris.

Pancakes remain one of the most popular snacks in the world. Over the years, several recipes and mixes have emerged to treat the buds of pancake lovers to the best of tastes. Unfortunately, vegans seem to have been left out of the picture as there are only a few pancake mixes to meet their needs, with the available ones not particularly delivering on their expectations. However, Ed Harris, in his tradition, is looking to fulfill the cooking needs of vegans as he is set to launch Brunch Mix for this holiday season.

Described as “the newest and tastiest vegan pancake,” Brunch Mix will be the latest addition to the amazing collection of cooking solutions from Knife N Spoon that already includes Whip It Like a Pancake. Chef Ed offers his over 20 years’ experience in cooking to vegans, easing the process of making delicious pancakes without sacrificing their eating preference.

The solutions offered by Knife N Spoon are divided into different categories, including Apron, Spices, Vegan Eats, and Real Chefy Merch. The range of products is The World Traveler Spice Collection, Chef Ed Essential Spice Starter Collection, All Natural Adobo, Veganish, Vintage Yellow, Unisex Knife N Spoon flame tea, and Veganish Sweater, amongst others.

For more information about the soon-to-be-launched Brunch Mix and other products from Knife N Spoon, please visit – Knife N Spoon can also be found across several social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram.

About Knife N Spoon

Knife N Spoon was founded by Ed Harris and his son, Edward Harris, to enhance the cooking experience of millions of people across the globe. Chef Ed was the winner of the Food Network’s CHOPPED “Turbot Powered” Season Four and Iron Chef International. He has over 20 years of cooking experience, working as an Executive Chef, Tournant, Executive Sous Chef, Dim Sum Chef, Expediter, Saucier, and Consulting Chef. As an apron designer, vegan recipe maker & vegan product developer, Ed teamed up with his son, to create spices, recipes, and mixes.

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