Cheonjihyunhwang Entered the Global market with ‘AIMEE’, a Cosmetic Brand Based on Black Ginseng

November 16 11:56 2020

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Cheonjihyunhwang, after moving into Daejeon University’s Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation in 2003, started a project with Daejeon University Oriental Medicine and the Small and Medium Business Administration on red ginseng and developed a black ginseng as a result. Since then, he has been studying Korean black ginseng for 15 years to maximize the efficacy of ginseng.

In order to promote the consumption of black ginseng in various ways, Cheonjihyunhwang has developed fat-soluble and low-molecularized ginseng ingredients using black ginseng technology and has begun developing cosmetics that can be beneficial to the skin. After that, it attracted the attention of the industry by creating a brand called “AIMEE” that will lead the last expansion of the ginseng cosmetics market. In particular, the product is produced through a patented manufacturing process, which minimizes the loss of major ingredients of ginseng that may occur during the steaming process and improves the absorption of saponin and active ingredients to the maximum. 

Black Ginseng Berry All-in-One Wash-Off Cleanser, the main product of Cheonjihyunhwang, is a hair loss prevention shampoo with plenty of black ginseng. Ginseng berry is an antioxidant food containing higher nutrients than ginseng root and is very helpful in relieving hair loss symptoms. 

One of the officials of Cheonjihyunhwang said, “Black ginseng started from the pride of a ginseng artisan who has been cultivating ginseng for three generations in Geumsan, a place famous for ginseng. With this pride, we will try to show the excellence of our products to customers in overseas markets as well.”

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