Maison Bertrand Food Co. is utilizing Mr. Checkout’s Fast Track Program to reach Independent Grocery Stores Nationwide.

October 20 02:54 2020
Maison Bertrand Food Co. is utilizing Mr. Checkout's Fast Track Program to reach Independent Grocery Stores Nationwide.

We’ve been roasting our Kafé by smell since the ’20s…the 1920s!
The first brand in the world to trademark the words “Roasted Coffee”, Kafé is made using only 100% Arabica beans dark roasted perfectly to bring out notes of chocolate, toasted nuts, and emboldened with the rich flavorful history of Louisiana and Ethiopia. Straight from the newest generation of owners, “We select only the finest Arabica beans from smallholder Ethiopian farms whose dedication to the fine art of growing coffee is unmatched.

Since the early 1800s, enterprising vendeurs had been congregating in Congo Square in New Orleans earning money — sometimes enough to buy their freedom — brewing Kafé (“coffee” in Louisiana creole) from imported beans. The beans received from the port were delicately roasted using only smell as the indicator that the batch was perfectly roasted and ready. But even that economic exchange was only available on Sundays and by the cup! And for nearly a century, stories of coffee and their travel from around the globe would touch the same New Orleans port. The history of coffee in New Orleans is synonymous with the history of Louisiana. Many coffee companies in the world will try (and have tried) to connect their history with Louisiana and, in particular, New Orleans, but there is no other company that can definitively document the century long relationship between Louisiana and Ethiopia like Maison Bertrand Food Co. In 1931 when the Maison Bertrand Food Company (then known as the Monogram Coffee Co.) was founded in Louisiana, the lead advertising idea responsible for hoisting the company into its own league was the idea of fresh roasting coffee everyday and making it available for consumption at home. Every bean available for roasting in the plant was roasted at 6:30am every morning and by 6:30pm inventory was depleted and all of the roasted “pounders” were sold to home coffee drinkers and businesses alike. The 10 cents “Half Past Seven” coffee was a risky endeavor; especially amidst the Great Depression.  

During the Great Depression, Maison Bertrand was the largest coffee operation in northern Louisiana. Maison Bertrand thrived during a time when getting a ‘bang for your buck’ truly meant everything. Even when 10 cents a pound was hard to come by, Maison Bertrand’s coffee was being roasted daily and enjoyed in homes all across Louisiana. Huge roasters lined the walls of the plant, each equipped with its own roaster who used smell and good ole fashion know-how to keep those beans stirring and that coffee brewing. No other company dared to tackle this task of delivering fresh roasted coffee every single day to consumers and no other was bold enough to actually place that guarantee on their packaging. In the summer of 1930 the application was submitted to the US Patent & Trademark Office to trademark ownership of the words “Roasted Coffee” and “Fresh Roasted Coffee”. In 1931, along with the formal incorporation, the Maison Bertrand Food Company was granted the registration and trademark of “Roasted Coffee”. 

Maison Bertrand still maintains relationships with their Farmer Partners, some of whom have been connected with the company for decades. “We consider ourself the orginal third wave coffee company,” said Bert Dumas. The terminology didn’t exist back when Maison Bertrand was founded but the dedication to offering a genuine, thoughtful product and the commitment to knowing their “Beanstory” is unwavering. Each “Beanstory’s” origin rests with the well-being of the Farmer Partner… not the sowing or the harvesting of the coffee. “Our Farmer Partners are family. If they aren’t doing well, we aren’t doing well.” continued Bert. “We have been tethered to a few small regions of Ethiopia and the items the Earth has ”gifted“ to us from there are phenomenal. Why not make it our mission to keep the circle connected? It’s a no brainer! And all that knowledge has been passed on to our roasters, our customers, and anyone who has feigned interest. We can be excessive with the amount of information we know regarding our products which, in turn, makes a really easy transition to the science behind our roasting, production, and flavors.”

Although the trademark has since passed on into the common statement bin, Maison Bertrand Food Co. still uses the same roasting style, flavor profiles, and methodologies used since its founding. Today, the Coffee & Chicory, is still the best blend you will get from Louisiana and its base bean, the New Orleans French Roast, is as flavorful as it was back then. The roasting profiles were passed down from master roasters and when finally documented, had to be converted from heirloom measurements in old stained handwritten notebooks. “The Maison Bertrand’s products and flavors are like taking a peak inside your arrière grand-mère’s (great-grandmother’s) 120 year old keepsake box”, said owner, Bert Dumas.

Since the early 1920s, Maison Bertrand Food Co. has been roasting fresh coffee and fresh roasting coffee. Their existence is a testament to the preservation of legacy. Today, “the old way” of roasting, just like their predecessors, is just as important as each “Beanstory” — the history and origin of thier beans. “We still use smell as the first indicator that our Kafé batches are ready; and within every waft of smoke that billows from those roasting beans lies a reminder to remain humble and to pay homage to those who preceded us. Just as Congo Square still represents the creative and innovative spirit of our people, our Kafé fittingly represents our unwavering commitment at Maison Bertrand Food Co. to uphold our culture and tradition in the highest esteem.”

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