Cynthia Byrd Conner’s book, Quiet Strong School Edition, highlights the Navy’s first African American Bomb Disposal Diver. Target Book Launch October 22, 2020.

October 15 19:21 2020

JACKSONVILLE, FL – Author, Cynthia Byrd Conner has penned a heart-wrenching narrative non-fiction. It highlights the life of Master Chief Sherman Byrd, the first African American Explosive Ordnance Disposal Diver (EOD). Quiet Strong exposes the struggle of a teenage sailor who persevered through the bigotry and hatred that was characteristic of the 1940s. Byrd dispelled the myths that African Americans were not intelligent and could not swim. He became an expert at disarming nuclear bombs underwater.

Using her insight and cherished knowledge of her father, Conner has constructed a powerful manuscript. It underscores the difficult passage of an American hero who left a legacy that will encourage and strengthen all.

Quiet Strong School Edition meets public school system requirements and will complement any virtual or traditional school curriculum. Written to enlighten school age children and teens about Black military history, it also subtly walks adults down memory lane. This book is a true conversation starter.

MMC (EOD) Ret. Mike Coulter said, “Quiet Strong gives the history behind the impact Master Chief Sherman Byrd had on the United States of America, the U.S. Navy and EOD”.

Target, Walmart, Amazon, Books-A-Million and Barnes and Nobles will all be releasing the book in October, 2020.

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Cynthia Byrd Conner is uniquely qualified to pen this masterpiece. Recently retired, she was employed by the Department of the Navy and has 26 years of experience in ship maintenance and repair. Conner presents her father’s historic naval contributions and leadership skills to students at universities, colleges, secondary schools, elementary schools and museums.

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