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Singapore Memories Revives “Singapore Girl” and “Reves De Singapour” Perfumes from 1960’s Singapore

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Singapore Memories Revives “Singapore Girl” and “Reves De Singapour” Perfumes from 1960’s Singapore

April 07
16:29 2020
In line with the company’s goal of reviving heritage Singaporean scents and bringing them to as many people as possible, including tourists and travelers, Singapore Memories has started selling “Singapore Girl” and “Reves De Singapour” scents from 1960’s Sg.

There are some moments in history that we sometimes wish we could relive and experience the sentimental affection of the past. In an effort to revive historical Singaporean fragrances, Singapore memories brings back Iconic Singapore Girl scent!

Time travel is not a reality, but Singapore Memories hope to bring the nostalgia and provoke your emotions that feel like time-travel. The relationship between scents and emotional memory is quite amazing, and that is why Singapore Memories has a mission to bring back those buried times by resurrecting the Singapore Girl perfume. 

The History of Singapore and Singapore Girl 

Married to Mr. Jeffrey Stone at the time, Christina Balsara responded to her creative awakening, realizing that her true calling in life was to create Singaporean scents. Christina soon created the Singapore Girl perfume amongst others, through her company, Perfumes of Orient. 

It did not take long for her fragrances to become popular. In fact, in the early 1970s, Perfumes of Orient and another massive perfume business called Perfumes of Singapore, owned by her soon to be next husband, Mr. Dadi Balsara, merged to become Perfumes of Singapore Pte Ltd. 

Mr. Dadi’s soon took over the business and was even called “The Perfume King of Asia”. There were factories that produced thousands of this perfume each month, and it was sold both domestically and internationally. In 1997, Singapore Girl perfume even became the top prize offered by the Singapore Manufacturer Association. 

After a long reign of impactful creations, Mr and Mrs Dadi finally called it quits in 2007, due to old age in 200. Perfume of Singapore closed down the factories and eventually shut down the business in 2008, and that was the last bit of their iconic presence. 

Singapore Memories 

Now picking up from there, Singapore Memories was established with passion to bring back that nostalgia of the iconic Singaporean scent, including Singapore Girl, Reves De Singapour perfumes and more. 

Singapore Memories has revived the exact beautiful fragrance and also adheres to the same core values that will leave you feeling like you are taking a trip back in time. 

Whether this was a perfume you wore yourself or worn by someone you loved dearly, having a bottle of history in your home is a sure-fire way to take that much desired trip down memory lane and feel emotionally incredible all over again. 

Singapore Memories was created to bring the historical perfumes back to life, but they didn’t stop there. Soon their search of Singaporean fragrances led them to Singaporean ingredients, particularly “Native Orchids of Singapore” and “Therapeutic Orchids of Asia”. 

Their portfolio of scents includes various perfumes and room fragrances inspired by everything Singaporean. Singapore’s flora, values, traditions and heritage.

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