WIMI Hologram Cloud Develops an Innovative Business Model With Fundamental Strengths

March 31 11:45 2020

WIMI Hologram Cloud has developed an innovative business model with fundamental strengths that positions us for continued leadership. The company has developed an innovative business model with fundamental strengths that positions us for continued leadership.

Leading Holographic Augmented Reality Application Platform in China

The company was the largest holographic AR application platform in China, in terms of the total revenue in 2018, according to Frost & Sullivan. In addition, The company has built the most comprehensive and diversified holographic AR content library among all holographic AR solution providers in China, according to Frost & Sullivan.

Market Potential Crossing the Holographic AR Value Chain

As holography and AR continue to proliferate, China’s holographic AR market is fast-growing and evolving. According to Frost & Sullivan, the total market size of China’s holographic AR industry in terms of total revenues is expected to grow from RMB 3.6 billion in 2017 to RMB 454.8 billion in 2025.

Cutting-edge Technology Capabilities and High-Quality User Experience

The company has developed the professional media player in China specifically designed for holographic AR contents. It has built in a comprehensive set of setting parameters and editing tools used for holographic AR content playback and allows end-users to playback complex high-fidelity simulations quickly and cost-effectively. End-users are able to adjust the contrast, saturation and vibrancy of the displayed holographic AR content and create their own custom visual effect.

Experienced Management Team

The company benefit significantly from the experience of WIMI’s founder and senior management team, who have been successfully riding the growth wave in China’s booming holographic AR industry. WIMI’s chairman, Mr. Jie Zhao, has been with WIMI’s company since WIMI’s inception and possesses deep entrepreneurship and extensive expertise in the internet industry. Prior to establishing WIMI’s company, Mr. Zhao founded Weixun Yitong, a mobile internet platform in China. Mr. Fanhua Meng, WIMI’s Chief Executive Officer, has over ten years of senior management experience in internet companies. Mr. Shuo Shi, WIMI’s Chief Operations Officer, is experienced in sales marketing, internet management and culture media. Mr. Yanghua Yang, the Chief Financial Officer of WIMI’s company, has over ten years of experience in audit and finance. Mr. Chengwei Yi, WIMI’s Chief Technology Officer, has over 15 years of experience focusing on video processing technology, artificial intelligence and signal processing technology. The company believes that WIMI’s management team’s collective experience and insights have paved and will continue to pave the way for WIMI’s success. WIMI’s management team is supported by a research and development team with strong academic background and industry expertise in audio/video processing, 3D modeling and cloud computing.

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