FKEx, An Autonomous Mining Pool Trading Platform, Grandly Came into Existence in 2020

January 13 23:12 2020


Headquartered in Singapore, FKEx is the world’s first autonomous mining pool trading platform. It aims to achieve decentralization through decentralized management of centralized exchanges. FK is an erc-20 token with the latest token standard, issued by FKEx which is a compliance exchange in Singapore. Compared with ordinary blockchain projects, FK, as the token of exchange platform, has more stable investment value and growth potential.

Based on the system architecture, a cloud-native microservices architecture is used to achieve high security and performance. The main difference with mining pool business of Huobi, OKex and MX is that the mining pool business of FKEx is highly autonomous. On one hand, users can get mining pool rewards by mining and DAO composed of community partners and mining pool. On the other hand, it assists the users in trading global assets by digital currency, and opening up a new landscape of digital currency exchanges.

In short, FKEx creates a self-improving and self-renewing governance type of mining pool through four new mining pool models: trading pool reward, proof of existence (PoE), proof of equity (PoS) and proof of contribution.

Blockchain smart contract and open source underlying system were adopted by FK. Since its birth, FK has undergone several tests at the technical level. By writing a programming language for the platform, developers can build and distribute the next generation of distributed applications. Coming online next year, FK will be able to program, decentralize, guarantee and trade just about anything, including voting, domain names, financial exchanges, crowdfunding, corporate governance, contracts and most agreements, intellectual property, and smart assets that benefit from hardware integration.

The vision of developing public chain is to improve the privacy, security and expansibility of its own platform blockchain and make it more suitable for multi-ecological applications in trading platform.

What we want is that FK will become the “ future blockchain”,it’s also the vison of the users.

In the end, FKEx not only innovates the technology but also creates the blockchain innovation era represented by the trading platform, which can be regarded as a successful technological innovation. Compared with the current mining pool exchange, the mining pool token is halved every two years and the mining can be continued for 57 years. The current status of the public chain’s on-line use and landing applications in the future has undoubtedly become a model for both famousness and fortune.

Pantera Capital, the world’s leading blockchain investment institute, has made a strategic investment in FKEx’s autonomous mining pool trading platform, according to official sources.

As a strategic partner, Pantera Capital will cooperate with FKEx to build a blockchain ecosystem. In addition to its equity investment in FKEx, Pantera Capital also holds FK tokens for a long time to help the sustainable development of FKEx ecology.

FKEx will also launch a public beta for PC in the near future. Let’s look forward to the boom of FKEx in 2020!

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