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In December, ADAPP released its private beta, which aimed at robot thinking and work

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In December, ADAPP released its private beta, which aimed at robot thinking and work

November 14
18:54 2019

Recently, Raj Reddy, an American Turing Award winner, and MURAD team, an American robot studio, jointly released the ADAPP pet assistant game. Under the leadership of CEO Murad, after several years, the creation of artificial intelligence game is about to be launched. The development of the underlying big data analysis engine, such as artificial intelligence image recognition, voice recognition, face recognition, text recognition, deep learning, machine learning, natural language, has been gradually improved; In 2017, the project team of ADAPP was established, which took 2 years to develop. The pet assistant APP integrating game + AI + Finance + social + e-commerce will be officially launched in February 2020;

Jerry Kaplan, a professor at Stanford University, once defined the title of his book “The age of artificial intelligence” as “humans need not apply”, which greatly inspired ADAPP. All intelligent robots are working in the future; At present, people often hear Xiaoai Audio, Xiaodu, Siri, smart robot and so on in the market, although they are still very clumsy and users do not often use; But ADAPP believes that in a few years, they will help their users accomplish all kinds of things in the same way; Perhaps the future of artificial intelligence is not just to follow the master’s orders; But according to the intelligent brain, it actively gives users accurate judgment and thinking ability.

ADAPP once imagined a scene: In the future home, there is a smart servant ADAPP; No user command is required every day; It can cultivate care for users according to their habits; And clean up the house; At the same time, what users need to eat, drink, watch, listen to, air index adjustment and so on; It will help the user to finish it all; a very good comment is that the future is more like the past: “People don’t need so many ovens, refrigerators, cookers, loudspeakers and so on. An intelligent robot can do it all.”

In the future, there may be an intelligent robot with super knowledge and thinking ability; They appear in the user’s life; So the age of artificial intelligence makes people’s life more and more simple; Intelligent robot helps people to complete the things to be completed; This will be the trend of artificial intelligence era in the future.

At the same time, ADAPP predicted that such an era would have social problems; Unemployment, widening gap between rich and poor, etc. On the other hand, many industries may change completely; in the era of intelligence, nothing needs to be done by people, and machines will solve everything; At the same time, the profession in the era of artificial intelligence may also change, such as:

Automation replaces workers, translation disappears, nanny loses his job, finance is fully intelligent, driverless replaces driver, assistant loses his job, customer service loses his job, sales loses his job, security loses his job, accounting loses his job, etc. However, in the future, it may not be jobs but skills that will be eliminated in the era of artificial intelligence;

ADAPP encourages people to build a future era in which machines can think, learn and work. The future will be a new era for the whole society; People need to think about the future. How can people break through? How people should gain wealth and so on. 

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