Young Founder & CEO of AdResst, Lamont Duverne, Creates A Clear Path to Profitability for Rideshare Giants

August 30 11:32 2019
Rideshare has become very popular in recent years. Now, ADResst has launched a digital content platform to help rideshare drivers make more money and businesses increase their customer base within a short period of time

N.Hollywood, CA – AdResst is proud to announce its Rideshare Smart Display Advertising Company with the desire to make rideshare more profitable. The company makes use of video and infographic display to deliver advertising that is direct and effective.

Rideshare giants and drivers who sign up with the program make extra income. At the same time, businesses have a simple, affordable, and effective direct-to-consumer advertising medium to gain more clients. 

Customers also have access to additional powerful tools like AD rotation placement, AD conversion report, and monthly business exposure.

AdResst has also started a strategic partnership with Stroll Guam; the Island of Guam’s only Ride Share service provider. The partnership has allowed AdResst to instantly integrate into 38 Ride Share Vehicles in Guam. AdResst intends to expand into Southeast Asia as well, in the near future.

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AdResst Founder/CEO – Lamont Duverne is an IT and advertising expert and enthusiast whose desire is to create a digital content platform that will change the business landscape. Rideshare hailing has become very popular today because of the need to reduce carbon footprint and make cities have less traffic.

While taking a ride, a lot of people do almost nothing until they get to their destination. It’s one of the best time to get passengers’ attention and deliver creative advertising content to them.

AdResst has a modern startup company has adopted a modern and highly Rideshare advertising philosophy where adverts are delivered in the form of video and infographic. These are usually very educative, entertaining, informative, and engaging, so while the advertising is running, the passenger is actually enjoying the presentation.

Also, the digital advertising is delivered via Ultra HD tablets, so the images are clear and bright, while audio is also of top quality. Businesses can make all types of advertisement including fresh product awareness, mobile store discounts, and local events, explainer videos, product reviews, etc.

AdResst offers an effective solution to delivering results for businesses to help them gain new customers. It’s the most convenient ways to get to customers while they’re still trying to make a final decision on the restaurant to visit, hotel accommodation, fun venues, and so on.

For more information, please contact (818) 392-4260, [email protected], or visit

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