Philip Zeid narrates the captivating story of his life in “You Can Never Tell”

August 26 20:03 2019
Former pilot of the Royal Air Force, Philip Zeid, gives full detail of his life and how he refused to wear a pair of glasses to become a pilot for the Royal Air Force

Philip Zeid has released a book where he talks his growing up and how he was able to overcome the challenges life threw at him. Titled “You Can Never Tell,” the book looks at the interesting, captivating, and inspirational story of Philip Zeid from his childhood to adulthood.

One individual that seems to have seen it all and device rather unconventional ways of overcoming obstacles is Philip Zeid. As a teenager, a pair of glasses were prescribed for Philip to aid his vision. The former pilot, however, refused to wear the glasses, a decision that later meant a lot in his life. At the age of 18, Philip joined the Royal Air Force as a pilot, a move that would have been impossible if he had worn the glassed earlier prescribed. The events surrounding this story and other interesting facts about Philip Zeid are contained in the book.

You Can Never Tell” also chronicles Philip’s training as a pilot in America and his eventual transfer to the glider Regiment, serving for six years most of which was in the Burma campaign. On demobilisation Philip hoped to become a tea planter in India. However, due to the partition riots, he ended up as a rubber planter in Malaysia.

Philip’s first tour was for five years, during which time marriage was not allowed. However, the duration was reduced to three years due to an emergency. On his first leave, he went to Australia in debt to an amount equivalent to his 3 months’ salary. Consequently, he was forced to get a job to survive, eventually working as a radio mechanic. Philip started his journey to a happily ever after with the boss’s secretary, the woman he calls his wife and mother to his wonderful family of five.

Philip returned to Malaysia and lived there, experiencing many unusual incidents involving the terrorist activity that took place in the country. He became the managing director of the company he worked for and upon retirement, bought a sheep and wheat farm at Beverly, West Australia and ran sheep and share farmed wheat until his wife died in 2002.

The author was also able to predict a pending revolution after his encounter with three drunks he gave a lift to in Liberia.

You Can Never Tell” narrates the story of how a man’s determination and dedication led to the achievement of the unimaginable. Currently available on Amazon, the book serves as a source of inspiration to readers, showing that anything and everything is possible with dedication and hard work.

About the Author

Philip Zeid was Born in England in 1922 and always loved radio as a child. On the completion of his high school education, Philip won a scholarship at Bristol University. In 1940, on reaching the age of 18, he resigned and joined the Royal Air Force to become a pilot.

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