Showme Entertainment is set up as a new symbol of Chinese culture and tourism to come

June 21 06:11 2019

Tracing back the development of history, Chinese civilization plays a significant role in it. In a modern society, Confucius Institute, Chinatown and Chinese Kung fu have become the name cards of China in the world. These Chinese symbols have become a universal global existence.

Chinese culture has a long history of its inclusiveness, and has constantly been releasing signals for communication and common progress to the world. As the essence of world culture, circus has become a unique form in displaying human culture. In the early stage of introducing circus in China, both content output and market demand were lack of systematic training and planning. Now, through China International Circus Festival the world can see the changes in China. Behind these changes, Li Chi, the founder of Showme Entertainment, can be called the pioneer in changing China’s modern circus.

“If a person is willing to spend 10,000 hours focusing on one thing, they will have a voice in that area”. This is Li Chi’s understanding of Gladwell’s ten thousand hours theory. As an “old man” who has been working in the cultural tourism industry for many years, Li Chi has invested more than 10,000 hours.

In his early years as a general director in Chimelong International Circus, Li Chi started with nothing, and step by step he made Chimelong International Circus a world-known business card. The first time when he came to the circus, there was no set design, no stage management or professional audio techniques. Within 2 years, Li built grand shows with more than 200 performers from all over the world and more than 300 species of animals.

His large circus works, which he created as chief director such as “Magic Legend” series, “Preface of Masks” and “Wonderland”, came up, and there have been more than 5000 performances so far, and the number of audiences has exceeded 40 million, miraculously topping the box offices of Chinese theatrical performances for consecutive ten years. That has aroused a “Circus fever” in the tourist performance industry.

There are always some forms of art that endure and are appreciated by all humans. After years of cultivation and accumulation, Li Chi has formed more mature ideas towards the future, longing for more space and opportunities to know the multi-dimensional brilliance out of the circus.

In 2018, Li Chi established Showme Entertainment with an international team. As a large cultural & entertaining industry complex that integrates multi-space rendition, show field, cultural & entertaining tourism, animal performance, children’s theatre, films and TV drama as well as manga, Showme also carries Li’s grand goal of creating art performances of all dimensions.

At the very beginning when Li Chi established Showme, the brand concept of “Performing Arts in All Dimensions, Happiness Everywhere” was then decided. His first mind of creating art performances in full dramatic scenes has never changed. This would also encourage Li Chi to become another rising force in the development of Chinese cultural and tourist industry.

In the future, Li Chi as well as his team, will aim at building Showme into a new brand of Chinese culture and tourism, presenting the charms of Chinese culture to the whole world. Hopefully, Showme will become a great view of Chinese culture, and another Chinese symbol that is known to the global audience.

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